Winscribe Internet Dictation System

Winscribe Network Dictation Systems supplies a suite of enterprise products incorporating digital dictation, speech recognition, transcription and workflow management. We have solutions for multiple industry solutions including medical, transcription, legal, law enforcement and government.

Dictate Anywhere!

While staff are increasingly on the move, whether it’s time spent away from the office or in transit, your organization needs to find ways of minimizing lost productivity.

With Winscribe, it doesn’t matter where you are. Productivity and efficiency will never be compromised. Because Winscribe uses digital files instead of tapes to transport dictation your work can be sent for transcription instantly from any location with internet access. Dictate and send your job using multiple recording options including your PDA, PC or notebook, digital handheld device, cell phone, touchtone telephone or VoIP phone.

Winscribe also allows you to monitor the status of your work from anywhere. You are able to retrieve jobs for review and editing or download completed jobs which can include the transcribed document.

Combined with Winscribe’s faster digital transcription, your dictation will be ready by the time you get back to the office.