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Physician Speech Recognition Solutions

Chosen by over 180,000 physicians to create documentation in their EHRs

Doctor Dictations & Speech Recognition Solutions

Physician speech recognition solutions from Nuance Healthcare allow hospitals and practices of any size to capture the physician narrative via dictation, improve the speed and accuracy of documentation, reduce transcription costs, and improve reimbursement due to more complete documentation. Doctor speech recognition is proven to accelerate EHR adoption, improve physician satisfaction, and allow physicians to spend more time with patients.

Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition

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Real-time speech recognition and IT tools for hospitals and practices of 25 or more physicians that includes advanced IT management tools and Citrix® support

Dragon Medical 360 | Direct

Dragon® Medical 360 | Direct is a secure, highly portable, cloud-based speech recognition solution that allows clinicians to document the complete patient story using voice while allowing healthcare organizations to easily deploy medical speech recognition across the enterprise— all while saving time for IT staff and boosting productivity and efficiency for clinicians.

Dragon Medical 360 | eScription

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Capture the whole patient story on demand with an innovative background speech recognition solution that integrates with the EHR to streamline clinical documentation for the large healthcare enterprise.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

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Real-time speech recognition designed for practices of 1 to 24 physicians.

Clinic 360 | Transcription

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Document capture with less time and effort from a mobile device, designed specifically for the unique workflow of clinics and specialty practices.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

Medical professionals on the Mac platform have a fast and easy way to transcribe their appointment and medical record notes directly into the world’s most popular EHR systems and other applications immediately, with virtually no spelling errors – simply by speaking.

Dragon Medical Family

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