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Dragon TV

Let your voice do the surfing

From navigating the program guide to interacting with friends via social media, Dragon TV optimizes living room interactions, empowering users to spend less time finding what they want to watch and more time enjoying it.

The TV experience you've been longing for is now here

A richer user experience

Dragon TV delivers a seamless user experience for the home, improving content discovery and enabling users to complete tasks faster than ever before.

Dragon TV interface

Leveraging Natural Language Understanding, Dragon TV manages conversations by using both context and memory and integrating with a wide variety of content partners to deliver a seamless, natural experience.

Intelligent features

Seamless application control

Digital home devices are now integrating applications for e-mail, social networking and interactive communication. Dragon TV offers a straightforward and simple method of input to drive adoption.


A wealth of information is now available over TV, including program guide listings, personal media and web content. Dragon TV delivers a seamless, universal search solution allowing users to access this content with ease.


From social networking to e-mail, the availability of messaging applications on TV continues to grow. With Dragon TV users are empowered to interact and communicate via an integrated text and speech solution.


Governments and standards bodies are now mandating accessible solutions for TV. Leveraging Nuance’s core speech technologies and natural language understanding, Dragon TV makes TV accessible to everyone.

Complex acoustics

With Far-Talk microphones Dragon TV is able to break through the interferences of multiple acoustic sources and focus on what’s important for interpreting commands – the users voice.

Dragon and Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding for the television transforms the user experience. With the evolution of intent understanding, users no longer have to adhere to standard commands when interacting with their devices.

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Dragon TV

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