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Integrating intelligence, in-car and out


The world is your driver’s seat

The way people interact with cars is fundamentally changing. Now more than ever, drivers need to stay connected. To home. To the office. To the world. And, of course, safely to the road. The Nuance Automotive Assistant, built on Dragon Drive, brings it all together with a personalized, seamless experience that anticipates your needs so you can focus on what lies ahead.

Why Dragon Drive


Enhanced for carmakers

Differentiate your brand and increase customer loyalty by fully customizing the Dragon Drive user interface. Plus, drive market share by providing innovative car experiences that work across platforms and operating systems, on-board and off.

Optimized for drivers          

You speak. Dragon Drive listens. The system leverages voice biometrics to identify a driver, then intelligently integrates context, history and preferences for personalized results. All while using AI and reasoning technology to anticipate needs.

Seamless user experience

The connected car is built through robust, seamless integration of in-vehicle and cloud-based systems across platforms. Access up-to-date content from dashboard to mobile devices to the Internet of Things.

Intelligent safety                  

Dragon Drive puts safety first with intuitive, contextual interaction that leverages big data and vehicle sensors—adjusting dialog to the situation, sending maintenance needs to the dealer—all to make sure drivers and passengers stay safe.

CES 2015 award
BMW Supplier Innovation Award 2016
CES 2016 award

How it works

Explore how Dragon Drive keeps drivers safe and connected.
Dragon Drive - How it works infographic

Different drivers have different needs

There are over one billion cars on the road today, each with a different driver—and different needs—behind the wheel. That’s why the Nuance Automotive Assistant continuously learns behaviors and preferences while using contextual awareness to provide personalized solutions. Here are just a few ways it fits into the lives, and drives, of different people.

High-frequency driver

Driving needs: Safe parking close to meeting locations; hotels and restaurants; social media; navigation; calendar functionality; working on the go

How Dragon Drive delivers:
Learns preferences for safe parking and preferred cuisine, leverages information from calendar and helps driver answer messages.

Family Cruiser
Family cruiser

Driving needs: Safe, family-friendly parking; gas station locations; restaurants with baby-changing facilities; built-in entertainment; organizing daily life

How Dragon Drive delivers:
Enables the entire family to safely access up-to-date infotainment and robust content.


Driving needs: Electric charging station locations; restaurants and activities; eco-friendly driving routes; social media and Internet; emailing clients

How Dragon Drive delivers:
Intelligently combines navigation, charging station and vehicle sensor data to guide driver along the most optimal route.

Leisure driver
Leisure driver

Driving needs: Convenient parking in town; traffic conditions; entertainment; intuitive control of in-car functions; information while traveling

How Dragon Drive delivers:
Combines embedded infotainment and cloud-based services so driver can check the latest traffic updates without interruption.

Solutions & technologies

Safe, smart interaction–naturally

How do carmakers revolutionize the driving experience for customers?
With Dragon Drive's intuitive technologies and end-to-end solutions.


It all starts with the sound of your voice. Dragon Drive uses voice biometrics technology to identify a driver by unique voice characteristics, enabling the vehicle to adjust settings—seat, mirrors, temperature—and provide a truly personalized experience while also protecting the driver's personal data. In other words, your voice is your password.

Whether you're driving on a highway or stuck in traffic, clear communication is critical. That's why Dragon Drive understands naturally spoken commands and uses a human-like text-to-speech voice that's intuitive and customizable.

Drivers can pull content from any source—embedded in the vehicle's head unit, from a server, or both—through natural conversation. The system features a personal wake-up word to immediately activate the automotive assistant. You can even barge in on a current operation and the assistant will listen and react.

Dragon Drive enables seamless control of applications through sophisticated managed connectivity between a driver's smartphone and the vehicle's head unit. The system supports service updates and integration, user authentication, and over-the-air updates through our rich network of third-party providers.

Dragon Drive combines the best of two technologies: Embedded infotainment and cloud-based services. This hybrid solution safeguards against connectivity interruptions and offers seamless access to all services and content—no matter where you’re driving.

There are connected cars. And then there are cars that connect drivers to meaningful, relevant results.

Dragon Drive provides a deeply personalized infotainment experience with smart integration of different content sources, context, history and user preferences. Drivers gain anytime, anywhere access to content and services through the use of voice recognition and Natural Language Understanding. It's tailored content they want—commute times, calendars, stocks, sports, dinner reservations—when they want it. All without having to reach for knobs or memorize phrases that take focus away from the road.

Plus, carmakers can enhance their brand by fully customizing the experience, including look and feel, domains, content partners, languages and voices.

In today's digitally connected world, drivers demand access to popular, personalized and up-to-date content. Dragon Drive's robust platform delivers with mobile apps, cloud content and infotainment services through a seamless integration of the vehicle head unit and driver's smartphone—all powered by voice.

Plus, carmakers can easily manage content and provide customers safe, secure access to a wide range of third-party services.

Dragon Drive supports over 30 languages, including all major Western and Asian languages, which helps reduce the cost and risk of maintaining multiple suppliers for different languages. With so many multilingual options, global carmakers can expand their total addressable market and shorten the time to launch products into new growth regions.

Dragon Drive offers robust, real-time dynamic data collection, reporting and analytics—providing powerful insights into your customer's preferences so you make the most of your strategic investments.

Vehicles with a built-in telecom module have the power to preserve a connection between the car maker, the dealer and the vehicle itself—enabling you to help drivers efficiently schedule dealership service appointments while integrating advertising messaging, for example.



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