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Voice-Driven, Highly Scalable Auto Attendant Solutions That Improve Communications and Business Processes


Voice-Powered Productivity

SpeechAttendant® is the most accurate and natural voice-driven auto attendant solution. Whether connecting directly to a PBX or a Voice XML (VXML) IVR platform (SpeechAttendant OSA), SpeechAttendant allows your callers to speak the name of a person, department, service or location and be automatically transferred to their requested party—without the hassle of searching for phone numbers or waiting to speak to an operator.

Internal and/or external callers can be routed through menu-driven extension options and provided frequently requested information such as operating hours, mailing address and driving directions. By offering your callers the convenience and ease-of-use of a speech-enabled auto attendant system, your organization will reap the benefits of decreased telecommunications costs, increased employee productivity and an enhanced corporate image.

Available in both Internal Dialer and Front Desk configurations, SpeechAttendant easily addresses the challenges presented by increasing call volumes, geographically dispersed organizations and expanding mobile work


User Benefits

  • Easily navigate using speech and/or keypad
  • Bilingual solution
  • Natural language commands
  • Silence recognition
  • Email address listing playback
  • One phone number to reach any employee anywhere
  • Rapid, accurate transfers the first time

Administrator Benefits

  • Reduce calls to operator by 70%-85%
  • Automated directory optimization
  • Supports massive directory size
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Industry-leading core speech technologies
  • Web-based administration tools and reports
  • Multi-medium SNMP alarm notification
  • Redundancy/clustering management tools
  • Seamless telephony/IVR integration

Accuracy Driven by Industry-leading Technology
Leveraging Nuance’s established leadership in voice recognition technologies, SpeechAttendant is fully integrated with Nuance Recognizer 9.0 and Nuance Vocalizer 5.0 – the core technologies that have become the de-facto standard for deliver cutting-edge applications on mobile phones, in cars and across organizations of every type.

Advanced Telephony/IVR Integration
SpeechAttendant supports a wide selection of telephony and IVR interfaces (including digital, SIP, analog and others) to seamlessly integrate to your existing infrastructure.

Dynamic, Global Phonetic Dictionary
SpeechAttendant provides a unique phonetic dictionary containing over two million pre-tuned names. This dictionary significantly increases performance by supporting multiple pronunciations for a name and reduces the time and costs associated with tuning speech applications. Nuance expands this dictionary on an ongoing basis – automatically gathering additions from our systems in use worldwide – so you gain the benefit of continuous performance improvements.

Bilingual System
Using the latest in speech recognition technology and next-generation voice engines, SpeechAttendant allows callers to speak in any of the languages supported in your system. For example, in a system supporting US English and Spanish, callers can speak in either language regardless of system prompts.

Dynamic Call Redirect
SpeechAttendant provides advanced call-forwarding capabilities that allow employees to re-direct their incoming calls quickly and easily. Dynamic call redirect allows employees to redirect their phone calls to any phone number on the fly using simple voice commands or touch-tone entries via keypad.

Massive Scalability
Thanks to its underlying speech and telephony technologies, SpeechAttendant supports up to 400,000 directory listings and unlimited ports. It also provides unparalleled redundancy.

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The system surpasses our expectations. Callers could not live without it! It greatly improved our employee productivity and image in the community. Last but not least, it paid for itself within six months. 
-Don Davenport
Director of Information Technology
City of Independence

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