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Nuance Automotive
Driving Innovation and Safety for Today’s Drivers

More than 30 million cars and 30 million portable navigation systems are equipped with Nuance speech technologies. Our state-of-the-art interfaces—speech recognition, text-to-speech, signal enhancement, predictive text and more—keep drivers safe behind the wheel.

Trusted Partner to World’s Leading Automotive Manufacturers

Multi-modal Solutions

Driving is not simply getting from point A to point B. It’s a multi-media, multi-modal experience that engages the driver like never before. Nuance’s automotive speech solutions meet the needs of even the most demanding, multi-tasking drivers around the world.

  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Entertainment
  • Connected Car 

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Products and Services

Nuance drives innovation for the automotive market. Our groundbreaking speech products and technologies are integral to building powerful and intuitive voice and multimodal user interfaces for in-car systems and navigation devices.

  • High Accuracy Speech Recognition
  • Natural Sounding Text-to-Speech
  • Speech Signal Enhancement
  • Text Input Solutions
  • Unrivalled Language Support
  • Dedicated Professional Services Team 

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Ensuring an Excellent User Experience

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More and more drivers appreciate the benefits of controlling in-car functions by voice and the reduced risk of driver distraction. Nuance maintains a relentless focus on usability to ensure our solutions meet drivers’ demands for safety and convenience.

  • Car drivers increasingly use speech recognition
  • Satisfaction level of car owners increases with availability of speech recognition
  • Voice interface makes it easier to control communication, navigation and entertainment functions while driving

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Reducing Driver Distraction

Nuance’s leading-edge speech-enabled technologies enable drivers to control navigation systems, entertainment units, mobile phones and other in-car functions simply by voice—reducing driver distraction and improving safety and comfort.

  • Nuance Automotive Solutions help reduce driver distraction
  • Car drivers feel less stressed when using voice commands

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Partner to the World’s Finest Automotive Companies

Nuance has earned an impressive track record for success in the automotive industry. The world’s leading car manufacturers, automotive equipment suppliers, and navigation vendors have partnered with Nuance to differentiate their offerings with the power of speech. But don’t just take our word for it…check out the company we keep.

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Automotive Products and Solutions

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