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XT9® Smart Input – Advanced text input solution

Enabling faster, easier text entry across a wide array of devices

XT9® Smart Input is a multi-modal text input solution that supports a variety of device form factors and input methods.  A flexible, scalable input solution for mid to high-tier devices, XT9® Smart Input has an advanced feature set that benefits all users, even if they choose not to enable predictive text. 

XT9’s patented modular architecture provides OEMs with one powerful and flexible text entry platform that can be integrated into most form factors including: 12-key, 20-key, Qwerty, and touchscreens.  XT9® also supports speech and handwriting recognition.  It can be used in any application where text is entered on a device – SMS, email, calendar, notes, tasks, browser search boxes, and more.

XT9® Smart Input supports over 80 languages (including those with complex scripts such as Indic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

Key Features:

  • Form Factor Versatility – XT9® works on a wide variety of form factors
  • “Sloppy-Type” Error Correction – Corrects mistakes when the wrong key is pressed (mob = moon)
  • Spell Correction – Corrects misspelled words while typing (thier = their)
  • Word Completion – Easily type in unique words, chat phrases, email addresses and more  (espe = especially)
  • Next Word Prediction – XT9® accurately predicts entire phrases based on user history (hello = hello there)
  • Improved Prediction – Patented bi-gram intelligence better predicts words with common key presses (63 = of / me; 4663 = good / home)
  • Word Shortcuts – ttyl = talk to you later
  • Smart Punctuation – XT9® automatically punctuates words as you type  (cant = can’t)

Chinese XT9

Additional Chinese language features include: 

Sentence-based Input

One-Step Pinyin Input

Partial Pinyin Input

Japanese XT9

Japanese XT9® supports hard and soft QWERTY keypads.  

Key features include:

Kana-Kanji Conversion

"Sloppy-Type" Regional Error Correction

Nuance Mobile Developer’s Program 

What Is It?:
NMDP is an invitation-only program for leading-edge companies doing business in the mobile and consumer electronics device categories.  Experience and innovation are some of the defining criteria of program members, as well as their ability to extend the Nuance Mobile Framework.  NMDP members may claim "XT9 Compatible" for their commercially viable products, develop demo integrations, and gain access to co-marketing opportunities.

NMDP provides a distribution channel for application developers that accelerates revenue growth and reduces investment costs. The program also creates a pipeline of innovative products and services that may be efficiently bundled with Nuance speech and text input products to deliver incremental value to end users.

Who Is It For?:

  • Integration Partners
    • Develop plug-in components for the Nuance Open Interface Framework
    • Develop custom language and context databases
    • Develop mobile applications that draw on ay type of input
  • Platform Partners
    • Develop mobile platforms.  Interested in integrating NOIF as a component of their mobile platform
  • OEM Partners
    • Device manufacturers

NMDP provides access to:

  • Developer SDKs
  • Hosted Developer Node:  "The Café"
  • Training
    • "Café" access
    • Webinars
    • Training materials
    • Workshops
  • Partner Support (Eval Packages)
    • Additional languages
    • Integration assistance
    • Extended evaluation period
    • Demo privileges
    • Tools
  • Access to Partner API’s
  • Co-Marketing
    • Joint promotion and press releases
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