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Cost Recovery Solutions

Nuance cost recovery solutions give law firms and other organizations a much more accurate view of their entire business -- so they can easily manage expenses, improve their workflows, and strengthen the bottom line like never before.

Learn more about our industry leading cost recovery solutions, including Copitrak and Equitrac today.

Nuance's Cost Recovery Solutions


Our Copitrak solutions provide comprehensive cost recovery and simplified workflow solutions that give law firms a more accurate view of their entire business.

Copitrak solutions help today's legal firms:

  • Recover client-billable expenses
  • Record client's information for every service provided
  • Allocate every applicable client-related expense 

Learn more about the benefits of our Copitrak solutions.



Equitrac solutions provide "anytime-anywhere" access to printing while maintaining control over costs and security. At the same time, they deliver user convenience and choice to encourage responsible printing.

Equitrac solutions enable organizations to:

  • Track client expenses automatically
  • Record client’s information for every service
  • Enforce internal rules to reduce total print volume



Learn more about our Equitrac solutions.


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