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Construction Solution


Paper, Forms & PDF Solutions Engineered for Efficiency

Nuance’s complete line of document scanning, document management, OCR, and forms processing solutions help your construction business achieve exceptional value through significant cost savings, greater security, improved traceability, and increased productivity throughout the project.

  • Smarter Bid Preparation
  • Tighter Change Management
  • Stronger Control of Regulatory Documents
  • Faster and Easier Collaboration

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Multimodal Messaging, Dictation and Search Solutions construction men at computer orange coat thumb

Nuance’s patented speech and text input applications enable faster, easier navigation, messaging and search across a wide array of device platforms. These multimodal solutions are easily customizable to enhance device utility and team productivity. Nuance’s expertise in language development, speech science and UI design, may be leveraged to create Industry/Business specific text input language databases, speech grammar models, text keyword search files, and user interfaces that best meet your unique needs.

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