Winscribe Phone Dictation

With Winscribe, it doesn’t matter where you are. Productivity and efficiency will never be compromised. Because Winscribe uses digital files instead of tapes to transport dictation your work can be sent for transcription instantly from any location with internet access. Dictate and send your job using multiple recording options including your PDA, PC or notebook, digital handheld device, cell phone, touchtone telephone or VoIP phone.

The Winscribe Solution for Law Enforcement Agencies

Winscribe Phone Dictation Systems for Law Enforcement

Today's law enforcement agencies are looking for technologies to help them stay one step ahead of crime. As such, Winscribe develops technologies that make the job of law enforcement easier providing anywhere, anytime, access to dictate reports.

Manually typing reports keeps officers tied to paperwork. By providing options to dictate reports using the telephone, PC, PDA or digital portable devices, officers using Winscribe can spend more time in the field.

Winscribe's unique "Voice Forms" technology allows officers to respond to telephone voice prompts that gather the important specific facts about the crime they are reporting. This ensures more accurate data is gathered during the dictation process. The report is then stored in a typing queue for digital transcription by the first operator who becomes available and entry of data into a national crime database is made faster and more efficient.

We recognize that report confidentiality and security is critical. Our solutions use encryption technology providing exceptional security levels for voice and data traffic.

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