Winscribe Healthcare and Medical Dictation System

Latest developments from Winscribe and leading speech recognition engines including Nuance (manufacturers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking) enables even greater reductions in your document turnaround time, significantly reducing the burden on your transcriptionists and reduces your bottom line.

The Winscribe Solution for Healthcare Organizations

Winscribe Network Dictation System for the  Healthcare Industry

Winscribe digital dictation has been developed with the requirements of the medical profession in mind, meaning that healthcare organizations benefit from improved workflow and employee performance. The healthcare sector has specific requirements for dictation, including the need for efficient turnaround of transcripts to provide patients and physicians with fast, quality results.

Using either a PC, a touch-tone telephone (both internal and external), hand-held digital recorders, or the Internet, the system enables healthcare professionals to record their dictation when required from wherever they are. Within seconds of the "complete" button being pressed, the dictation is automatically delivered, ready for typing, to the correct person for transcription.

The system integrates with HIS, RIS and EPR systems and can be used to dictate or transcribe either inside or outside of the hospital using the LAN/WAN, internet or telephone.

The solution also supports the HL7 standards, making it simpler to integrate into hospital system environments. HL7 is a health industry standard designed to allow disparate computer systems talk to each. This standard language has been adopted by Winscribe, enabling it to fit directly into any Hospital IT infrastructure. As dictations flow through Winscribe, HL7 based messages are sent as progress reports to the relevant stakeholders throughout the hospital.

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