Accessories for Winscribe Digital Dictation Systems

With Winscribe, it doesn’t matter where you are. Productivity and efficiency will never be compromised. Because Winscribe uses digital files instead of tapes to transport dictation your work can be sent for transcription instantly from any location with internet access. Dictate and send your job using multiple recording options including your PDA, PC or notebook, digital handheld device, cell phone, touchtone telephone or VoIP phone.

Customer Led, Not Company Driven

Winscribe Network Dictation Software is built on Microsoft architecture to ensure easy integration and maintenance. Winscribe supports a wide range of manufacturer independent devices. This allows you to choose dictation and transcription equipment that best suits your environment and does not limit you to a specific model or brand.

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Winscribe Typist Client Transcription Foot Pedals

Winscribe Typist Client Transcription Headsets

Dictation Microphone Options For Winscribe

Digital Dictation Portable Recorder Options For Winscribe